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Title: Nothing to Choose - Part Three
Author: [profile] hunterwithcause
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing/Characters: Strawhat Pirates
Genre/Category: What if?
Rated: PG-13
Word count: 702
Warnings: Character death (off screen)
Spoilers/Setting: Unspecific time after Thriller Bark
Disclaimer: One Piece does not belong to me.

Summary: A sum is made up of many parts. Take one part away and the sum changes. The Strawhat Pirates are made up of nine members. Take one member away...

A/N: Third part of Nothing to Choose. As always, feedback is adored and if someone spots any mistakes, please let me know!

Previous part

It ends like this

Black spots danced in her vision as Nami fought against unconsciousness. After the first wave of adrenalin had subsided hunger had made her feel weak once more.

She felt faint, even as she brought the Perfect Clima-Tact up to block an attacking marine. She barely managed to strike back, using Thunderbolt Tempo to knock him and some other enemies in the vicinity out.

“Robin! Watch out!”

Nami frantically looked for Robin at Usopp's shout, turning in time to see her friend get overpowered by a couple of marines. Hands started sprouting from their backs, tugging at them and trying to dislodge their holds on Robin, but the limbs were only as strong as their caster and Robin was as hungry and weak as the rest of them.

Nami tried to fight her way across the deck, but was still too far away to be of any help when Brook swooped in, driving Robin's captors off. He and Franky were about the only ones still fighting at full strength, unaffected by the lack of food that impaired herself and the others.

Except Zoro, Nami amended, as Zoro sent dozens of marines flying with a few strikes of his swords. But even Zoro was panting heavily, his reactions slower than usual.

A loud, grumbling sound cut through the uproar of battle and everyone looked over at Luffy, whose arm stretched and retracted harmlessly. He swayed on his feet.

“I'm hungry.... I'm so hungry! Sanji!”

Nami bit her lip as her eyes started to burn. Her face felt hot as she remembered.... As she remembered.... that. Him.


If Sanji had still been alive, none of this would have happened. Sanji wouldn't have bought too little food for too much money. Sanji wouldn't have wasted food on feasts shortly after setting sail. Sanji wouldn't have let food spoil by neglecting to conserve it properly.

Had Sanji been alive food wouldn't have gotten scarce in the middle of the Grand Line, with no island or ship in sight anywhere, and had Sanji been alive, none of them would have grown weak with hunger.

Had Sanji been alive, three Marine ships wouldn't have been enough to defeat the Strawhat Pirates.

Hands grasped at her and she fought blindly, thrusting her staff up and down and hoping to hit something. This close she couldn't use Thunderbolt Tempo or any other of her attacks, not without injuring herself in the process.

Dimly, she heard someone shout “Let her go!” and the number of attackers receded some, but she couldn't use the brief respite as someone had managed to rip the Perfect Clima-Tact from her hands. She was roughly shoved on her knees, a sword at her neck and a pistol at her back, holding her immobile. Through the tears in her eyes she saw Robin get overwhelmed once more, and a squadron of marines attacking Zoro at once.

Grunting and cursing, the sounds of swords clashing and pistols shooting and the smell of gunpowder filled the air, and before she could even think of something to free herself, Usopp's bleeding and unconscious form was tossed carelessly next to her. She swayed in his direction, wanting to crawl over to her friend and reassure herself that he wasn't dead, not like Sanji, god, please don't let him be dead like Sanji – but her captor's held her back by her hair, a shallow cut on her throat warning her not to move again.

They roughly tugged at her arms and tied them behind her back, but Nami barely noticed it, staring at Usopp and silently begging him to wake up. Through the haze of tears she could make out his form barely, but she couldn't be sure whether or not he still breathed, and please, just wake up--!

A cheer went up among the marines, and Nami listened to the triumphant yells with horror:

“We got him! We got Strawhat Luffy!”

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